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Flash Design

Flash design can add a lot of impact to your web site and it's a good way to get your text or pictures presented in a very eye-catching way. Flash Design is also a good way to present video online as a streaming format which will load large video
files quickly and play them smoothly without loss of quality. Flash designers can also create custom controls for your video as well as audio for presentations on
your web site or on CDs or DVDs that you can hand out or mail to prospects or existing clients.

CLICK HERE to see examples of flash movies and animation.

CLICK HERE to see more examples of flash movies and animation.

CLICK HERE to see more examples of flash movies and animation.

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Flash Design pricing is based on time and on how simple or complex the project may be. I set my standard rate at $65 per hr. so if your project is something that
is simple it might only take an hour. On the other hand if I have to create supporting
art work and work out complex animation with a story board it would involve more
time. For the most part I can give you an estimate that will be very close. If you
have questions please feel free to email me, jack@logomaster.com

Logo Master flash web design services- 561-624-9982

A deposit of 50% in the amount of plus hosting fees for the Flash animation, will be agreeable terms, if you find these terms to be acceptable please send your payment to begin development of your flash project. The balance will be due in 30 days or on completion of initial design, whichever comes first. If the second payment is not made according to this payment schedule this agreement will be considered terminated. Your web design project will commence upon receipt of funds. (All Deposits are non-refundable)

* Logo Master establishes a per page rate of $125 per page for additional web pages. A web page is determined to be the size of a printed 8½” x 11” sheet of paper. Our hourly rate for additional graphic design work is $85 per. hr. Web maintenance for ongoing updates and changes are also available in prepaid blocks of time at a reduced rate.

Your responsibility as the client is to provide pictures and text for use on your web site. Pictures and Text from your properties can be used with permission in conjunction with the development of your web project.