Artists illustrations of figures animals marine life landscapes
buildings medical and dental illustrations drawings of all kinds for Presentations, web sites, signs, Ads, cartoons too!

Fish Illustration
  This Illustration was done for a
custom film company web site.
This drawing of a Moorish Idol
was done as a vector basted image
in Adobe Illustrator.
Logo Master Illustration

This Photoshop project was for an
ad agency it was done using the
airbrush tool with a filter affect for the head hands and feet was used
as an accent in this Illustration of a
female figure in the lotus position.

Artist: Jack Tedeschi

Logo Master Illustration   This Illustration is of a smiling sun
that is looming over this tropical
Island. The tools used were again photoshop using the airbrush tool
and the pen tool.

Artist: Jack Tedeschi
  This playful Illustration combines
the natural elegance of a dolphin
with the bold pattern of zebra stripes just for the fun of it.

Artist: Jack Tedeschi
Logo Master Illustration  

This Fancy Flamingo Illustration
was for a Beachwear Boutique in
the Manalapan area where they
carried specialty clothing for girls
and lady's with descending tastes.
In this case I drew the Illustration
the old fashion way first, then I scanned in the drawing and colorize the image in Photoshop using the pen tool and the airbrush tool.

Artist: Jack Tedeschi

Illustration of a Lighthouse
  This Illustration is of a classic
Lighthouse for a client in the
British Virgin Islands. I am using
it here as a self promotion item.
This project was drawn in photoshop.

Artist: Jack Tedeschi
This clown fish is a vector image I drew
with a pencil and then
scanned into Fireworks
to produced this digital
image for use on a beach towel design.

artist: Jack Tedeschi


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