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Email is the fastest growing use of the Internet and is the number one reason people turn on their computers. There are more than 100 million email users in the United States. Consumers check their email more times daily than they watch TV, read the newspaper or listen to the radio. In 2001, companies will spend nearly $200 million on opt-in email advertising. By 2002 more than 50% of US consumers will make purchases online. By 2005, Jupiter communications predicts the market will surpass $7 billion a year. Opt in email advertising harnesses the power of email by delivering your marketing message to those who have requested it. Get Traffic, Generate Revenue, Grow relationships.
With you and your company can: Target new prospects Build a database Generate web traffic Drive online sales Promote new products and services Communicate with clients Strengthen and expand your client base Establish brand awareness Utilize accurate demographics Increase Response Rates Reduce customer acquisition costs.

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Direct Market on CD & DVD with Custom Cover Designs will design your
CD or DVD case covers and the
layout for your CD/ DVD label printing.

Small quantities under 250 no problem, just tell us what you
need and we will quote you
according to what
you need.

Here are some sample Designs

custom CD cases
click on the CD/DVD image to see it larger

custom CD covers
click on the CD/DVD image to see it larger

DVD case designs
click on the CD/DVD image to see it larger